Mobile Device-to-TV Video Streaming is Better With srfr


Streaming has been under the spotlight in recent times, due to the amount of innovative technologies and new streaming-related services that constantly arise. Before, if someone wanted to cover a certain event or moment, they would record a video and then upload it to a video service.

However, nowadays, streaming capabilities eliminate the need to record a video – other users get a chance to see what the person is filming almost in real time (it really comes down to the connection). However, and as happens with every other technology, not everything is perfect with streaming.

A good example is how people wanted to stream their content on some device larger than their smartphones. Everyone likes to see and show videos on TVs, for example, but there is not an easy way to do it, because it often requires third-party software and/or hardware. Now, a new app is set to eliminate all these issues.

This app was developed by a California-based streaming tech company, srfr. Dan Unger, founder and CEO of this company, explains what this app does:

“Look at today’s consumer-accessible device-to-television video streaming solutions, and then look a few years into the future. That is where we are, right now. srfr solves three very significant consumer issues with its breakthrough technology. One, no need for a dongle, box or other external connectivity facilitator. Two, a simple ease-of-use experience on mobile and three, video streaming functionality working across all devices, regardless of platform. srfr solves all of these consumer issues while offering additional benefits.”

This mobile app is available for iOS and Android, and makes the process of connecting mobile devices and smart TVs really easy, and without the need for other gadgets or devices. Users can also stream videos from other sources, such as Facebook, Dropbox, Snapchat, without much effort.

Streaming technologies really are changing the way we watch videos and other content, but it is really (still) not a perfect technology. srfr makes it much better, easing a process that is hard nowadays, and often requires extra hardware. With this app, a smartphone and a smart TV are all it takes.


Font: https://www.engadget.com/2016/11/19/mobile-device-to-tv-video-streaming-is-better-with-srfr/